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COS has extensive experience in all kind of law, economic and public policy. Our areas of practice are trusted because we are able to offer ideal advice, worldwide and across industry.
Tax & Customs

Taxes can be stressful for a business owner. We understand that managing company's taxes is critical. COS helps by integrating as part of the team, reviewing company's financials to uncover opportunities for tax savings. COS deal with all aspects of tax-related law and custom. We also represent a diverse of clients and industries and take multi-disciplinary approach to customs issues. We objectively analyze issues and ask probing questions to improve the tax notes suite of products and pugnaciously pursue transparency in the tax systems by combining legal, economic and public policy experience as needed to obtain the best results for clients.


The investment management industry is expected to continue to experience a rapid pace of change in the coming years. Expense trends and increasing regulatory pressure are all proving to be game changers. We provide comprehensive services including legal and financial consulting as financial management is crucial to business success. As business owner or company holder, you hold many responsibilities on your hand, so the added tasks of financial planning can take away from other high-priority duties. We can help clients capitalize on new opportunities and navigate the growing marketplace challenges. At COS we feature a team of skilled advisors who know exactly how to execute in order to create the best strategy for clients.

Upstream Energy

The global upstream business is enduring its testing environment for over a decade. Survive, adapt, grow are the watchwords of the future as players aim to stay profitable and competitive among industry challenges. Despite riding waves of disruption, the upstream energy exploration and production industry has not delivered the returns that equity markets demand, but the new business environment has also created a new opportunities. Although experimentation is positive, the need to scale first and fast remains a challenge for most upstream energy industries. COS team will gladly to serving clients across every segment of the upstream, deploying our deep research capabilities to deliver strategic advice.

Downstream Energy

COS downstream experience spans refinery feasibility studies, strategy development, procurement and operations improvement analysis. COS team works across all sector segments, offering expertise in topics such as growth, profit improvement, strategic, commercial and technical advisory services for downstream clients operating worldwide. Downstream assets become focal points for meeting consumer needs and specification requirements. This evolving environment necessities innovation and flexibility in asset operations and performance. We expend thoroughly in developing tools and methodologies to decode and translate complex global markets into relevant insights for our clients.

Coal Mining

Operators in coal mining industry are concerned with developing mining sites, extracting resources through underground and surface mining techniques, marketing and selling commodities to downstream buyers. The coal mining industries has come under siege by rising environmental advocacy. COS team has deep involvement in the global mining industry and understanding of financial markets. We understand the current market trends and offer proven, up-to-date and innovative advisory solutions.


Manufacturing is one of the largest and diverse sectors which closely connected with the engineering and industrial design industries. Regardless of the field of manufacturing, we partner to help clients develop strategies to manage their workforce, protect their assets, resolve business disputes, expand operations around the world and navigate often complex regulatory environments in which they operate. We understand the highly competitive environment in which manufacturers operate, and we provide strategic, practical and actionable advice to our clients in connection with the broad range of legal issues they face. COS team bring multidisciplinary approach to legal solutions and business advice. We have experience in assisting manufacturers with the tax issues, transactions and contracts, bankruptcy, litigation, environmental matters, and all related.


Litigation matters are a reality for most organizations and the uncertainty they create can impact leadership's plans for growth and innovation. The legal analysis of complex commercial litigation is often compounded by significant economic and financial issues. Managing and accessing litigation throughout all phases of the litigation process are critical to design an effective approach to address complex issues. COS team helps minimize the risks associated with litigation by providing objective assessments of complex issues. We have extensive expertise in damage and lost profit analysis, business and other valuations, complex database and document management, forensic accounting and fact gathering. This blend of experience and expertise allow us to bring assignments the skills necessary to provide objective and creative advise in regulatory, complex claims and litigation matters.

Business development

COS provides advice and analytical services to clients in need of a solid operational foundation. An array of events can trigger the need for a legal operating model transformation such as a cost challenge or a change in business strategy can force organizations to re-evaluate aspects of their legal functions. COS team capable to operate the human resources, marketing, management and accounting fields. We analyze and assess current business practices and provide insight into how to change policies and strategies to improve efficiency, marketing or sales opportunities to determine strengths and shortcomings. We review company finances to identify trends and set reasonable goals, review and track strategies of the company regarding sales, advertising, marketing and other related fields. Furthermore, we help organizations seeking to change their legal operating model, whether with a large scale, en-to-end transformation or with a targeted  assessment of  a particular area. COS is here to help clients to evaluate and where appropriate reconfigure the internal legal process to achieve profit and revenue targets.


COS provides consulting and leading all corporate legal process such as mergers, compliance issues, transactions, partnerships and lawsuits. We represent the company's policy and position on legal matters, protect the company against legal risks and violations, prepare the appropriate legal documents for trial proceedings, negotiate deals on behalf of the company and guide management on regulatory and compliance issue to ensure compliance with legal regulations. We understand that company needs access to responsive advisors who will promptly address legal matters to allow you to manage your company with confidence. We advice business clients at every phase of the business cycle, from inception to exit. We are devoted to helping companies succeed.

Our Goals & Achievements

Our success and client satisfaction is evident through the independent feedback we receive via the website and social media. At COS it's all about presenting a first-class service, efficient, adaptive, responsive, and receptive. These are five differentiating factors that encourage our clients to return to COS after time for different services.

COS in-Demand Expertise
COS team who are clients-focused, deliver excellent driven and capable to navigate and manage complex projects, working effectively across diverse businesses and organizations.
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Tax & Custom

In today's complex tax environment, proactive tax planning should be part of your company's overall business and financial strategy. Few business challenges can be more frustrating, especially with the new changes of law related to tax and custom issues. Most companies do not have the internal resources to address compliance and identify planning opportunities. COS team simplify clients' accounting process by providing a convenient way to take care of the clients' tax preparation needs. We assist businesses from everything from the day-to-day regulatory counseling to crisis management. Our advice and experience cover all aspects of tax, include custom and VAT-related. As a result of working with us, many businesses dramatically reduce their tax liabilities and ultimately become more profitable. When you team up with us, we will keep your finances organized.

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Energy Sector

The energy sector comprises companies involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas reserves, oil and gas drilling and refining, also include integrated power utility companies such as renewable energy and coal. The energy sector entails in the production and distribution of energy needed to power the economy and facilitate the means of production and transportation. The energy markets become rapidly evolving regulations and increasingly complicated as the industry continues to surge as concern about climate change grow and company seek cost=effective strategies to manage their energy costs. Prior to that, COS was formed to bring clients the expertise required to navigate volatile and complex energy markets. Our team will help clients enhance every facet of operations and helping to reset that sector to be at the center of a more circular economy.

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Mining Industry

The growth of the mining industries often regulate the resource acquisition potential and economic growth in the countries. As a product of mining, various economically valuable products might be obtain such as coal, petroleum, metallic ores, etc. A mining company's main asset are its reserves and resources which are the ores that contain economic materials that are viable to mine. COS will advice and represent the mining company to establish the legal parameters of their operations, shape strategy, transform operational performance and deliver outstanding performance. We will gladly to help clients transform the industry's biggest challenges into some of companies great opportunities by applying our extensive knowledge and experience to develop innovative approaches and practical techniques that meet clients' unique needs and financial objectives.

Tax Service
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Tax Accounting Service
Provide Tax Review and Planning
Provide Tax Compliance Service
Identifying transactions for tax purposes
Provide other accounting service for tax purpose (reporting, reconcile, consolidate, journal, Tax Adjustment, Tax service etc.)
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Controversy and Tax Dispute Resolution
Provide advice and assistance on SP2DK, Tax Audit, Tax Objection, Tax Appeal, Judicial Review etc
Litigation for administrative or criminal tax in Tax Court or District Court (preliminary evidence, investigations etc)
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Tax Policy and Administration
Review and Academic analysis for Tax Policy and Administration
Provide and Assist client understanding the impact of tax policy on their businesses.
Tax and trading carbon system
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Carbon Tax
Carbon Management
Carbon Accounting
Carbon Reporting and Verification
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Corporate Income Tax, Income Tax Article - 21, Income Tax Article - 23, Income Tax Article - 4 (2), Value-Added Tax, Carbon Tax etc
Provincial Taxes
Vehicle Tax, Surface Water tax, Tobacco Tax, Fuel Tax, Registration Vehicle Tax

City/County Taxes
Land and Building Tax, Heavy Equipment Tax, Hotel & Restaurant Tax, Acquisition Duty of Right on Land and Building, Advertising Tax, Deep Water Tax, Entertainment Tax, Parking Tax etc
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Tax Evasion, Fraud, Tax Avoidance, Money Laundering, Preliminary evidence, Investigations, District Court (Litigation) etc
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